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(c) Heather Kapica SOLD CM Stone ASB with PS Arab head, new mane and tail, painted black. Live Show placed
(c) Heather Kapica SOLD CM Stablemare - new mane and tail, painted black.
(c) Heather Kapica Serenity Bint Hisan CM Stone Chip - lowered and resculpted head, added a new forelock, altered tail, made into a mare and painted a black rabicano. Unshown
(c) Heather Kapica SOLD! Living In Pennsylvania Repaint Stablemate to a black sabino Draft Unicorn. She was my first experiment with sculpting and is probably only PSQ - still a cutie though!
(c) Heather Kapica Nightlord Repaint Breyer Classic Sham to a black Arabian. PS Placed