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Status Description Show Results
(c) Heather Kapica Sold Repainted SM repaint
(c) Heather Kapica Sold CM SM - new mane added
(c) Heather Kapica Sold Repainted SM - stallion bits added LS Placed
(c) Heather Kapica Sold CM Breyer Cody Unshown
(c) Heather Kapica Sold CM PRE filly, new breed appropriate mane and tail, slight nose resculpt, new gender bits, painted perlino NAN TOP TEN!
(c) Heather Kapica Commission Repaint SM QH.
(c) Heather Kapica Sold Repaint SM TWH to Champagne NAN Qualified
(c) Heather Kapica Sold PS Chip, new mane and tail, painted grulla
(c) Heather Kapica Commission Repaint Mico QH.
(c) Heather Kapica Commission CM Breyer SM to a blue roan sabino Unicorn.
(c) Heather Kapica Commission CM Breyer SM to a pregnant cremello mare.
(c) Heather Kapica TIBBP Donation Repaint Breyer SM to a dark palomino. LS Placed
(c) Heather Kapica Commissin Repaint Stone Chip to a buckskin.
(c) Heather Kapica Sold Repaint Breyer to a dappled sooty palomino.
(c) Heather Kapica Commission Stone Chip stock horse - new CM mane/tail, painted a sooty chocolate palomino.
(c) Heather Kapica Iswut - SOLD Custom Blue Box brand "Blue Ribbon" Barb CM to a grullo Mustang stallion. Sculpted a new mane and tail, added studly bits,opened mouth and given an entirely new lower jaw with teeth and tongue. LS Placed
(c) Heather Kapica Brilthor - SOLD, living in RI Custom Breyer Clydesdale stallion to a draft Unicorn. Given a new mane, tail, feathering, and horn and painted to a sooty dappled palomino (or could be a silver bay). Unshown
(c) Heather Kapica SOLD Repaint Stone Chips Morgan to a smutty dappled palomino. Unshown
(c) Heather Kapica SOLD Repaint Mini Whinny Tennessee Walking Horse to a amber champagne sabino. Unshown
(c) Heather Kapica SOLD! Repaint Mini Whinny Saddlebed to a palomino. PS Placed
(c) Heather Kapica Lady Jessamin Repaint Safari TWH to a Classic Champagne. PS Reserve Champion