Tennessee Walker

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Southern Senator (Dixie Dash Dusty x Senators Pride, Pride Of Midnight H.F. -r) 1984 liver chestnut. OF JCP SR TWH. Open 1988 - 2004.

Russet Noble (Pusher's White Knight x Ebony's Black Magic, Ebony's Mountain Man -r) 1988 Bay Sabino. OF Micro mini. Open 1992 and on.

Amber Monarch (Russet Noble x Lady Jessamin, Delight Of Pride -r) 1994 Amber Champagne Sabino. CM Micro mini. Open 1998 and on.

Moonlit Frost (Pride's Frosted Midnight x Generator's It's Magic, Generator's Sundrop -r) 2000 grey. OF Micro mini. Open 2004 and on.

Harvest Moon (Moonlit Frost x Pagan Pride, Coin's Hard Cash -r) 2008 bay. OF SM. Open 2012 and on.


Lady Jessamin (Delight Of Pride -r x Champagne Lady Diane -r, Johnny Midnight) 1988 Classic Champagne. CM Safari. PS Reserve Champion

Confederate Gal (Pusher's Bandito -r x Confederate Misty Dawn -r, Clayton's Kawliga) 1991 grey sabino, G3 SM OF.

Southern Jasmine (Southern Senator x Lady Jessamin, Delight Of Pride -r) 1995 flaxen chestnut. CM G3 SM. PS Placed

Sterling Moonshine (Bud's Sterling Bullet -r x Go Boy's Miss Mona -r, Go Boy's Moon Shine) 1993 grey, G3 SM OF.

Steppin Up Blue (Cash's Steppin Ace -r x Starlite's Lady Blue -r, Honey's Starlite) 1995 blue roan Tobiano  mare. LS Winner / NAN Qualified

Generator's Pushin Poppies (Generators Pushin Blue -r x Southern Jasmine, Southern Senator) 1999 red roan, OF SR SM.

Confederate Law (Southern Senator x Confederate Gal, Pusher's Bandito) 2005 chestnut, OF Safari.

Pagan Pride (Coin's Hard Cash -r x Jubilee's Bay Witch -r, Pride's Jubilee Star) 2004 bay, linebred Pride Of Midnight, G3 SM OF.

Southern Pride (Gen's Nothin To It -r x Southern Jasmine, Southern Senator) 2007 chestnut, G3 SM OF.