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"Burden Of Proof" - NAN Qualified LS Reserve Champion 
Please note that most of my Quarter Horse stock is race-bred, and you will find heavy Thoroughbred influences through many of their lines.

Quarter Horse Stallions

Gypsy Prince( (True Royalty - Nightingale, Matthew) 1982 buckskin. OF SM. Crops 1987 - 2002.

Saber Dance( (Supposedly Midnight - Miss High Blade TB, Artic Dancer) 1983 black. Sire is half-brother to SW Zippo Lee Bars, SW Midnight Rocket, SW Midnight Lord, SW Lady Te, SW Sir Midnight Breeze etc. Crops: 1988 - 2003.

Bold King( (Roger's King - Bold Lady, Bright Favorite) 1984 bay. Sire of many race winneers, including Stakes Winners BOLD AND SASSY and STARLIT ROSE. Crops 1989 - 2007.

Joe Kanses( (Crank It Up Joe [tb] x Kansas Sweety, Kansas Bar) 1987 bay. Race record: 2(0-0-2) SI:90 G1Spl. Crops 1992 and on.

Mystic Dreamer (Electric Blues x SC Miss Jazmine, The Jazzmaster) 1988 chestnut. Crops 1992 - 2008.

Vincent Vega( (Vick Tation -r - Bold Lady, Bright Favorite) 1989 red roan. LS PLACED - NAN Qualified. Crops 1993 - 2009.

Knoteworthy Wolf (Northern Ranger - Bold Lady, Bright Favorite) 1992 grey, winner. 1/2 sibling to MSW Bold Shadows. OF Stone "Black Frost" SR QH. Crops 1997 and on.

Irish King (Bold King x Irish Blade TB, Cyrillus) 1993 bay. Crops 1997 and on.

Golden Dawning (Checking Out x Easy Jet Chickie, Easy Jet -r) 1994 palomino. OF QH Yearling. Crops 1998 and on.

Mercenary (Joe Kansas x Azure Blade TB, Azure Te -r) 1994 bay stallion. QRR#0984. First crop 1999. 2x NAN Qualified, LS Placed

Jazz Riot (Mystic Dreamer x War Dazzle, War Flame TB) 1994 red dun stallion. First crop 1998.

Broadway Blues (Saber Dance x Broadway Musical, Off Broadway) 1994 blue roan stallion. First crop 1998. PS Placed

Chipinge (Saber Dance x Caliente, Cyrillus TB) 1994 black stallion. First crop 1998. Stakes placed winner

Dandy Bar Leo (Flyin Leo x Dandy Rose Bar, Doc Bar -r) 1994 sorrel stallion. Race winner. First crop 1999.

Fourth And Inches (Dashing Val -r x *Beneficient TB, Roman Legacy) 1995 bay stallion. Stakes Placed Winner. QRR#0906. First crop 1999.

Deliverance (Bold King x Destinada, Cyrillus TB) 1996 black. Winner SI:89 Crops 2000 and on.

Hugh Hefner (Playgirls Conclusion -r x PC Permissive -r, How D Roman) 1996 grey. Crops 2000 - 2010.

Burden Of Proof (Dashing Val -r x Sable War TB, *Sable Passer -r) 1996 chestnut. QRR#3388. LS RES CHAMPION - NAN Qualified. First crop 2000.

King Of Fools (Bully Bullion -r x Moon Velvet TB, Cold Crest) 1996 black. QRR#3381. Race Winner SI:92. First crop 2000.

Price Of Love (First Down Dash -r x Sacacha Pond TB, Czaravich -r) 1996 chestnut. QRR#3384. Race Winner SI:91. First crop 2000.

Trickster (Country Side TB -r x Trick Or Treat, Mighty Easy) 1996 grey. QRR#0894. First crop 2000.

Civil Action (Silver Warrior x Sappho TB, Librettist) 1996 chestnut. QRR#3390. First crop 2000.

Dusky Blues (Gypsy Prince x Almost Midnight, Black Jack TB) 1997 grullo. First crop 2001.

In Command (In Depth x Gratitude, Cee Bee Command -r) 1998 buckskin. First crop 2002. SI:85

Bleeding Kansas (Joe Kansas x Miss High Blade TB, Artic Dancer) 1998 black. First crop 2002. Race winner, SI:88

Dancing King (Bold King x Dance N Play, Cyrillus TB) 1998 black. First crop 2002. SI:90

Rebel Chex (Mercenary x Mystic Chex, Mystic Dreamer) 1999 palomino (Minimal Sabino). First crop 2003.

Little Lucifer (Canth -r x Little Pacific, Pacific Coast) 1999 sorrel. First crop 2003. Race winner - SI:91

Master Robinton (Amarillo x CRR Lady Renweth, Master Renweth) 1999 bay. First crop 2003. SI:85

Iamthecheese (Dancing For Cash x Bleu Impresions, Triangle Slash) 1999 grey. First crop 2003. SI:82

Winning Warrior (CRR Silver Warrior x Winning Hand, Ganblers Choice) 1999 chestnut dun. First crop 2003. Race winner - SI:80

Hickory Zippo (Mr Notibly Zippo x Top Fashion, Daredevil) 2000 sorrel. First crop 2004.

Quarter Horse Mares

Cajun War Cry (War Chant -r x Cajun Queenie, Piggin String TB -r) 1968 chestnut.

Psychic Blue (Oso Blue -r x Now Go TB -r, *Novarullah) 1975 grey.

Miss Night Cat (Beduino -r x Miss Night Bar -r, Barred) 1975 grey.

Swing Girl (Swing Man -r x Chantella -r, War Chant) 1976 bay. OF Micro Mini.

Bold Lady (Bright Favorite -r x Tonto Top Flight -r, Tonto Ben) 1979 bay mare.

Destinada (Cyrillus TB x Bar Desto, Bar Money -r) 1980 black. QRR#3392

Caliente (Cyrillus TB x Chicaro Lady, Sailor's Night -r) 1980 sorrel. QRR#3389

Travelin Bleu (The Traveller x Bleu Impressions, Triangle Slash -r) 1981 grey.

Dance N Play (Cyrillus TB x SLM Play Keno, Badger Keno -r) 1981 black. QRR#3391

Diamond Skyline (Diamond Duro -r x Easter Skyline, Easter Gentleman-r) 1982 black. QRR#2429

Play An Ace (King Of Aces x SLM Play Keno, Badger Keno -r) 1983 blood bay. QRR#2908

Azure Rebel (Johnny Reb II x Azure Blade TB, Azure Te -r) 1983 bay. QRR#3304

Just The Best (Turf's Best -r x Justa Rebel, Rebel Cause) 1984 bay. 1/2 sibling to MSW/MCH FLEETWOOD REBEL and MSpw/CH Roll The Dice.

Little Pacific (Pacific Coast x Little Moon, Lucifer's Hobby -r) 1984 brown. QRR#3393

Justa Lady Bug (Lady Bugs Moon -r x Justa Rebel, Rebel Cause) 1984 bay. Dam of 1 Spw, 1/2 sibling to MSW/MCH FLEETWOOD REBEL and MSpw/CH Roll The Dice.

Smoky Diamond (Supposedly Midnight x Diamond Teac, Diamond Dividend -r) 1985 grey.

Lady Moon (Lady Bug's Moon -r x Old Flying Moon, Moonsplash) 1985 bay. Dam of SW/CH Navajo Moon Bug, SW Lunar Dash. QRR#0079.

Texas Chex (Nu Cash -r x Amarilla Chex -r, Bueno Chex) 1988 palomino (Sabino) mare. OF Micro Mini

Azure Sweet (A Zure Request -r x Forever Sweet -r, Mr Jet Moore) 1988 grey. QRR#0047

Champs Gold Queen (Colony Bay King x Champs Red Robin, Continental Badger -r) 1989 bay. QRR#1905

Slinky Kitty (Cyrillus TB x Miss Night Cat, Beduino -r) 1989 black.

Dare To Dream (Daredevil x Western Dreamer, Teeros Mortal Errors) 1990 bay. OF Micro Mini. LS PLACED

Klu Less (Kid Klu -r x Jackies Pollyanna -r, Macho Impressive) 1990 sorrel mare. OF SR Stone "Pressed For Change" Ideal QH.

Top Fashion (Daredevil x Royal Fashion, Bay Bar Leo) 1990 chestnut.

War Dazzle (War Flame TB x Dazzler, My Main Man -r) 1990 grulla.

Broadway Musical (Off Broadway x Morning Star, Blue Steel) 1992 red roan.

Azure Kaitia (Gypsy Prince x Azure Blade TB, Azure Te -r) 1992 black.

Trick Or Treat (Mighty Easy x Azure Sweet, A Zure Request -r) 1992 grey. Race winner SI:81 - PS PLaced.QRR#0244

Almost Midnight (Black Jack TB x MR Golden Jewel, Poco's Golden Dancer) 1993 grulla.

Daniella (Bold King x Destinada, Cyrillus TB) 1993 black. Race winner

Crazy Heart (Bully Bullion x Sable War TB, *Sable Passer -r) 1993 chestnut mare. Race Winner

Lady In Black (Mr Go Bar -r x Display Your Guns TB, *Endymion -r) 1993 chestnut mare. Race Placed

Mystic Chex (Mystic Dreamer x Texas Chex, Nu Cash -r) 1993 palomino (Sabino). QRR#0244. OF Micro Mini.

Midnight Blue (Rhythm N Blues x Bold Lady, Bright Favorite -r) 1994 grey mare. QRR#0705. Race Winner.

Lady's Margin (Easy Margin x Lady Moon, Lady Bug's Moon -r) 1994 bay filly. QRR#0773 . Race Placed

Smart Cat (Betelguese x Running Joanna, Hey Joe) 1994 bay filly. QRR#3686. OF Micro Mini. PS Winner

Action ex Delicito (Kingdom Bid x Beyond The Axe, The Axe II -r) 1995 bay filly. QRR#0907 . Race Placed

Mystic Seer (Vincent Vega x Mystic Cyan, Impressive Bars Legend) 1995 chestnut mare. QRR#0803 OF Micro.

Irish Valour (Vincent Vega x Irish Blade TB, Cyrillus) 1995 blue roan mare.

Vegas Cabaret (Vincent Vega x Broadway Musical, Off Broadway) 1995 red roan mare. OF Stone Stock Weanling. PS CHAMPION

Saber Desto (Saber Dance x Destinada, Cyrillus TB) 1995 black mare. First crop 1999.

Vegas Diamonds (Vincent Vega x Diamond Skyline, Diamond Duro -r) 1996 blue roan mare. OF Micro.

Danse Macabre (Saber Dance x Haunted Melody, Major JD Parker -r) 1996 palomino mare. OF SM QH.

Pacific Coast Highway (Shetan TB x Little Pacific, Pacific Coast) 1996 black mare. QRR#0892.

Unbreakable Heart (Dashing Val -r x Classic Satin TB, *Blushing Groom -r) 1996 chestnut mare. Race Placed.

Ad Litem (Merridoc's Moon x Beyond The Axe TB, The Axe II -r) 1996 brown mare.

Jelenedra (Gypsy Prince x Skipper Sweet Sioux, Skipper Leo King -r) 1996 black mare.

Deposition (Tolltac x My Emerald Lady TB, Major) 1996 chestnut mare.

Debenture (Kingdom Bid x New Moon TB, Moonhawk) 1996 bay mare. Race winner SI:91. QRR#3378

Bold And Sassy (Bold King x Caliente, Cyrillus TB) 1997 sorrel mare. Stakes winner SI:102. QRR#3377

Call Me Sugar (Calyx -r x Dusty Sugareeda, Dusty Canyon -r TB) 1997 brown mare. SI:93. QRR#7088

Lucifers Secret (Raise A Secret -r x Angel Layne -r, Angels Policy) 1997 bay mare. Winner SI:89. QRR#9775

Blo N Motion (Blo Win Cash x Tuff N Motion, Tuff N Busy -r) 1997 buckskin.

Moon Charm (Bold King x Lady Moon, Lady Bugs Moon) 1998 bay mare. Winner SI:96.

Hot N Spicy (Bold King x Caliente, Cyrillus TB) 1998 sorrel mare. Winner SI:92.

Destinys Child (Bold King x Destinada, Cyrillus TB) 1998 black mare. Winner SI:88.

Pass The Diamond (Pass Em Easy x Double Duro Diamond, Diamond Duro -r) 1998 palomino mare. Winner SI:85.

Warm Rains (CRR Silver Warrior x CRR Summer Storm, Cheyenne -r) 1998 buckskin mare. SI:82.

Raise A Rebel (Raise A Secret -r x Azure Rebel, Johnny Reb II) 1999 bay mare. Race Winner SI:91.

Favorite Dance (Bold King x Dance N Play, Cyrillus TB) 1999 black mare. Race Winner SI:87.

Caylith (Canth -r x Caliente, Cyrillus TB) 1999 sorrel mare. Race Winner SI:86.

Dandy Blue (Dandy Bar Leo x Midnight Blue, Rhythm N Blues) 1999 grey. Race winner - SI:91

Cointreau (Takin On The Cash -r x Devoted To Martinis, Devoted Ruler TB -r) 1999 sorrel. Race winner - SI:88

Social Lady (Kingdom Bid x Social Rocket, Fire Rocket) 1999 chestnut. SI:85

Miss Triple Diamond (Merridocs Moon x Diamond Skyline, Diamond Duro) 1999 brown. SI:85

Easy Cajun Miss (Pass Em Easy x Docs Cajun Miss, Docs Lena Fantasy) 1999 bay. SI:83

Phoenix Rage (All The Rage TB x FV Sandy Phoenix, Phoenix Diamond) 1999 chestnut. SI:83

Classic Martini (Hez Class -r x Eighty Ninth Martini, Eightyniner Question -r) 1999 sorrel. SI:80

Amarillo Doll (Amarillo x Dashing Kid, Time Dasher) 1999 brown.

Heart Of Gold (Golden Dawning x Unbreakable Heart, Dashing Val -r) 2000 palomino. OF Micro Mini. PS Placed

Vegas Spice (Vincent Vega x Hot N Spicy, Bold King) 2002 red roan. OF Bet Yer Blue Boons.

Jazzy Playgirl (Smart Mate -r x Lenaette Jazzy Boon -r, Peptoboonsmal) 2005 red roan. OF SM.