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"Dixie Gigilo"
2x LS Res. Champion - 2x NAN Qualified
Please note that most of my Appaloosa stock is race-bred, and you will find heavy Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse influences through their lines.

Telorth (Canth -r x Tempest, Cyrillus TB) 1999 black blanket. SI:88. Crops 2003 and on.

Sugardaddy (Gypsy Prince QH x Sugar Lark, Creole Player) 1999 buckskin blanket. SI:98 - Wnr. Crops 2003 and on.

War Dash (Dashing Gentleman x Crazy Heart QH, Bully Bullion) 1999 chestnut blanket. SI:86. Crops 2003 and on.

Kansas Gigilo (Dixie Gigilo x Kansas Snow, Joe Kansas QH) 2000 grulla spotted blanket, OF Buckshot. Crops 2004 and on.

Triple Play (Golden Dawning x Power Play, Power Bar) 2000 smoky black hip blanket. Crops 2004 and on.

Kamikaze Bug (Navajo Moon Bug x Suicide Blonde, Cyrillus TB) 2002 gold champagne blanket. Crops 2006 and on.

Dashing Cowboy (Go Wrangler x Sundash, Dashing Gentleman) 2002 black leopard. Crops 2006 and on.

Appaloosa Mares

Cajun Riddles (Joker B -r x Cajun Queenie, Piggin String TB -r) 1967 blue roan blanket. OF Micro Mini.

Princess Plaudit (Jokers Request -r x Prince's Charming -r, Prince Plaudit) 1972 black leopard. OF Micro Mini

Princess Rica (Rica's Gold -r x Princess Plaudit, Jokers Request -r) 1977 bay semi leopard. ApRR#1517

Sporting Pleasure (Co Trim -r x Spavinaw Sport QH -r, Sports Page) 1977 chestnut spotted blanket. LS WINNER

Miss Hancock Princess (Prince Star Trek -r x Nifty Hancock -r, Little Red Dog) 1979 chestnut fewspot leopard.

Royal Pleasures (Imperator TB -r x Sporting Pleasure, Co Trim -r) 1981 chestnut blanket.

Gaelic Princess (Gaelic Dancer TB -r x Princess Plaudit, Jokers Request -r) 1981 bay hip blanket.

Pleasure Dust (Dust'em -r x Sporting Pleasure, Co Trim -r) 1982 sorrel blanket mare. Sire is a SW and sire of SW CH's! ApRR#1516. OF Micro Mini.

Power Play (Power Bar x SLM Play Keno QH, Badger King -r) 1984 black hip blanket.

Straw Princess (Romans Straw Man -r x Princess Rica, Rica's Gold -r) 1985 bay blanket mare. Stakes Winning sire, excellent racing lines through him! PS Placed

Roman Goddess (On Cloud Nine -r x Princess Plaudit, Joker's Request -r) 1984 sorrel semi-leopard. Sire is a SW CH.

Impressive Pleasures (I Am Impressive -r x Sporting Pleasure, Co Trim -r) 1985 sorrel spotted blanket.

Miss Spotted Bar (J & B Bull Bar -r x Miss Hancock Princess, Prince Star Trek -r) 1985 sorrel leopard mare. LS PLACED, Sire is a SW.

Too Bright (Maples Prince Ajax -r x Bright T&G -r, Bright Tribute) 1986 bay spotted extended blanket. OF Micro Mini.

Spicy Wench (Impressive Andrew -r x My Bar Maid -r, Sonny Dee Bar) 1989 chestnut spotted blanket. LS RES CHAMPION - NAN QUALIFIED. CM Parrs Dream Doll resin.

Justa We Bit Easy (Easy We Go -r x Justa Rebel, Rebel Cause) 1989 chestnut blanket. 1/2 sibling to MSW/MCH FLEETWOOD REBEL and MSpw/CH Roll The Dice.

Skipa Cajun (Upper Management x Cajun Riddles, Joker B -r) 1989 red roan spotted blanket. OF Micro Mini.

Irish Dash (Dashing Gentleman x Miss High Blade TB, Artic Dancer) 1990 black spotted blanket. CM SM.

Emerald Rose (Spots R Us x China Rose, Te Bar Flit QH) 1991 grey leopard. Dam of Winner Emerald Dice

Tempest (Cyrillus TB x Time To Pie, Time Flies -r) 1991 black hip blanket. Dam of winner TELORTH.

Suicide Blonde (Cyrillus TB x Platinum Apache, Apache Double -r) 1991 palomino (gold champagne) hip blanket.

Peppercorn Raindrops (PB Peppercorn x CB September Raindrops, Saint Plaudit -r) 1991 black leopard. OF Micro Mini.

Sheza Venus Flytrap (CB Heza Soarin Eagle x CB Venus Comet, John Henry) 1992 bay blanket. OF Micro Mini.

Spicy Dream (Dreamfinder -r x Spicy Wench, Impressive Andrew -r) 1993 bay spotted blanket. LS PLACED, PS PLACED . OF SM.

Gentle Sun (Dashing Gentleman x Sundance Suzie, Sherrys Sundance) 1993 chestnut leopard.

Sugar Lark (Creole Player x Heavens Lark, Moon Lark QH -r) 1993 sorrel blanket.

Indigo (Blue Thunder x Thistle Bar Minx, Bust A Move) 1994 bay blanket. Stakes Placed Winner. ApRR#0513

Heavens Above (Full Moon Fever x Azure Angel TB, Azure Te -r) 1994 bay semi-leopard. ApRR#0617. OF SM. PS Placed

Irish Moon (Full Moon Fever x Irish Dash, Dashing Gentleman) 1994 bay leopard.

Starlit Rose (Bold King QH x KT Rose, Zabriskie Point) 1995 red chestnut blanket. Stakes Winner. ApRR#0512

Kansas Snow (Joe Kansas QH x Snowy Owl, Camelot Dreams) 1995 dun spotted blanket. Race Placed. OF Stone WPH.

Azure Moon (Full Moon Fever x Azure Blade TB, Azure Te -r) 1995 bay spotted blanket. Race Winner. ApRR#0609

Gentle Siren (Dashing Gentleman x Azure Song TB, Azure Te -r) 1995 chestnut spotted blanket. ApRR#0618

High Moon (Full Moon Fever x Miss High Blade TB, Artic Dancer) 1996 bay spotted blanket. ApRR#0672

Dixie Dilemma (Eddies Trouble QH x Dixie Doll, Dixie Delight) 1996 bay spotted blanket.

Midnight Pleasures (Midnight Waltz x Sporting Pleasure, Co Trim -r) 1996 black blanket.

Gentle Pleasures (Dashing Gentleman x Sporting Pleasure, Co Trim -r) 1997 chestnut blanket.

Creole Moon (Creole Player x Lady Moon QH, Lady Bugs Moon -r) 1997 grey blanket. SI:86

Sundash (Dashing Gentleman x Sundance Suzie, Sherrys Sundance) 1998 black leopard. ApRR#6083, SI:84

Sultry Creole (Creole Player x Dark Line TB, High Line -r) 1998 bay blanket. ApRR#2314, SI:98

Gentle Chic (Full Moon Fever x Gentle Sun, Dashing Gentleman) 1998 chestnut leopard. ApRR#2312, SI:98

Gentlemans Desire (Dashing Gentleman x Desires Mistress, SLM Seducer TB) 1998 sorrel semi-leopard. ApRR#2594, SI:82

Moon Duster (Moon Bardell x Dusty Deck, Dust Em -r) 1998 bay blanket. ApRR#4796, SI:87, winner

Secret Valor (Appalachie Valor x Apache Bay, Apache Double -r) 1998 bay semi-leopard. ApRR#1550, SI:85

Play Hard (Rock Hard x Power Play, Power Bar) 1998 black blanket. ApRR#1010.

Dashing Wench (Dashing Gentleman x Spicy Wench, Impressive Andrew -r) 1998 chestnut blanket.

Moonspice (Navajo Moon Bug x Spicy Dream, Dreamfinder -r) 1998 bay blanket.

Gaelic Moon (Navajo Moon Bug x Gaelic Princess, Gaelic Dancer TB) 1998 bay blanket.

Emerald Moon (Navajo Moon Bug x Emerald Rose, Spots R Us) 1998 grey blanket.

Sent Away (Forsaken QH x Go On Tour, Traveling Gem) 1999 chestnut blanket. ApRR#1895, SI:81

Navajo Rose (Navajo Moon Bug x Emerald Rose, Spots R Us) 1999 grey blanket. ApRR#6081, SI:81

Pleasure Bug (Navajo Moon Bug x Pleasure Dust, Dust-em -r) 1999 bay blanket. ApRR#6082, SI:82

Russian Princess (KGB x Straw Princess, Romans Straw Man -r) 1999 bay semi-leopard. ApRR#2595, SI:89

Miswaki Moon (Navajo Moon Bug x Miswaki Miss TB, Miswaki -r) 1999 black blanket. ApRR#6080, SI:83

Gentle Moon (Dashing Gentleman x Lady Moon QH, Lady Bugs Moon -r) 1999 grey blanket. ApRR#6082, SI:87

Sent Away (Forsaken QH x Go On Tour, Traveling Gem) 1999 chestnut blanket. ApRR#1985, SI:81 - LS Placed

Dashing Snow (Dashing Gentleman x Kansas Snow, Joe Kansas QH) 1999 dun blanket.

Blushing Moon (Full Moon Fever x Voule Vardier TB, Boule Vardier) 1999 bay blanket.

La Femme Nikita (KGB x Suicide Blonde, Cytillus TB) 2000 chocolate palomino snowflake.

Moon Dragon (Telorth x Miswaki Moon, Navajo Moon Bug) 2003 black leopard.

Cajun Fever (Dixie Gigilo x Vegas Spice QH, Vincent Vega x Miswaki Moon, Navajo Moon Bug) 2006 red roan blanket.