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Welcome to Legacy Studios!
Studio Updates....
I am accepting SELECT LIMITED commissions, mostly if it's something I am interested in. Please don't feel put out if I do not accept your project, I just do not want to burn out again. Things that I prefer to do right now: Resins, already prepped pieces,  minor customizations (example: manes and tails, slight head turns). I do not plan on taking any new moderate  or major sculpting commissions at this time as due to a back injury I cannot sit for extended periods.
- I will be offering sales pieces more frequently - especially unpainted customs, and I am always open to suggestions for things you would like to see go up for sale.

- I will also be doing some random projects for friends, or for tradeouts, or just something that happened to catch my whim of artistic fancy.. So please do not harass people or be put out if I choose to do a project for someone. (This has happened in the past.) I am an artist - not a machine, and I feel I do my best work when my artistic muse is inspired by a particular project. Thank you for your understanding!
My books are OPEN - see above! 
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Happy collecting!
Heather Kapica